Now & Then
A look at the Gettysburg Monument of Battery L when it was erected
in the 1800's and how it appears today gives one a feeling of timelessness.
The image on the right is the old photograph (1800's), which can be readily discerned
by the Fifth Corps insignia, which is more prominent than on the recent photo on the left.
A newspaper article written when the monument was first erected follows below.
Gettysburg Monument
The Monument to Battery L, Erected on the Historic Field
Last Monday the monuments to Ohio commands that fought in the great battle were dedicated, with imposing ceremonies.  It was a proud and sad day for Ohio.  The monuments are thirteen in number, after various designs, and placed on the part of the field where the commands fought, or where gallant stands and charges were made.  A description of the monuments has been prepared by General Alfred E. Lee, and copyrighted by the American Press Association.  His paper contains cuts of the monuments.
The following is the description of the one erected to Battery L, of this city:
A rectangular die, with first and second base, the whole surmounted by a carved emblem representing piled cannon balls.  The lower base is 7 feet 2 inches long and 5 feet 6 inches wide.  Total height 9 feet 10 inches. Material Byegate (Vt.) granite. Location, north slope of Little Round Top.
Front of die - Crossed cannon, followed by the legend, "Captain F.C. Gibbs' Battery," and immediately below on
Front of second base - "L, 1st Ohio Light Artillery, Artillery Brigade, Fifth Corps."
Front of first base - "Erected by the State of Ohio."
Rear of die - "Battery L, 1st Ohio Light Artillery, July 2, 3, 1863.  Arriving on the field at 8 am July 2, went into position under a brisk skirmish fire, on the extreme right, on Wolf's Hill.  Afterward moved to the North Slope of Little Round Top, and there became hotly engaged with Longstreet's Corps, then trying to turn the left.  Held same position July 3."
Rear of second base - "This Battery was recruited at Portsmouth, Ohio, in the Autumn of 1861, by Captain L.N.. Robinson, was mustered out July 4, 1865.  Took part in 12 important battles."
Looking down the North Slope of Little Round Top from behind the Battery L Monument
taken July 1996