Battery L Information:

Battery L was officially born on April 11, 1996. The Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War then established a satellite camp of Governor William Dennison Chapter 125 with 31 initiates. David R. Medert, Commander-in-Chief of all SUV units in the country was present. The SUV, created in 1904 is the present-day descendant of the Grand Army of the Republic. To keep the military aspect alive, the Sons of Union Veterans (SUV) has created the Sons of Veterans Reserve (SVR). It's mission is historic, ceremonial and commemorative. The most familiar activity of this unit is its participation in reenactment and living histories.

The by-laws of the SUV require that two-thirds of its membership be descendants of Civil War veterans, while the other one-third can be men and boys who just enjoy Civil War history and wish to be part of the unit. Members must be 14 and older, but junior membership is availalbe to those between 8-13. In order to join the SVR, however, members must be 14 and older.

We have several committees that deal with diverse aspects of commemorating and learning about our glorious heritage. Roundtable discussions are held monthly, which include various speakers and topics. Usually a particular battle or noteworthy event is slated to maintain a motivational disucussion. That is the primary goal of this organization. If we can spark an interest in a youngster or adult and cause them to intensify their curiosity by either doing more research or telling another, we feel our goal has been achieved. Other Committees include planning for City events like River Days, 4th of July, Memorial Day, etc and organizing our group to participate by reenacting, living histories, commemoration or parades. We have a Camp Portsmouth Committee which will be responsible for planning an encampment on (near) the actual site of the original Camp Portsmouth which is located on Munn's Run in New Boston near Milldale Park. Another planned service includes commemorating all Civil War Veterans in Scioto County by identifying and taking care of gravesites at the various cemeteries throughout the County.